Organisme à but non lucratif fondé en 1979, la Maison Décision House (MDH) offre un programme résidentiel de traitement en milieu communautaire destiné aux hommes ex-détenus, sans distinction de race ou de réligion, qui reviennent dans la collectivité dans le cadre de leur processus de mise en liberté. MDH a aidé plus d'un milier de gens à reprendre une vie active dans la société en leur offrant logis, orientation et counseling.


Who we are and what we do

Administered by a board of directors, MDH has a staff of clinical counsellors. The facility is a large three-story house with two outer buildings serving as a program centre. The house can accomodate up to fourteen residents. It is located in the Hintonburg district of central Ottawa with easy access to public transportation.

MDH operates with a general treatment philosophy based on the social learning model. The social learning model views addiction as a learned behaviour that can be "unlearned" through the development of new patterned thinking and coping skills. The treatment program provides addiction intervention to clients who are experiencing alcohol and/or drug abuse problems. The program is tailored to the individual to reflect their specific treatment goals. The Supervised Apartment is available to residents on full parole or statutory release for a period of two months or 90 days as a bridge for reintegration into the community.

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37 Irving Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1Z2, Canada